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What’s the Accuracy of the Chinese Baby Calendar?

Ever since I discovered the interesting legendary strategy of gender control, I kept wondering what’s its success rate. I decided to present in this small article what I have found out on this subject. First and foremost, it seems that the Chinese baby calendar accuracy is between 70% and 90%. This means that, out of one hundred attempts, only 70 to 90 succeed.

About the Chinese Gender Predictor Accuracy

In other words, out of one hundred couples who use this method for conceiving the baby they want – be it a girl or a boy – only between seventy and ninety women of these couples manage to get pregnant with a baby of the gender they prefer, while the rest of them, between ten and thirty, either get pregnant with the undesired baby or don’t get pregnant at all.

Chinese Gender Predictor Chart for 2017

Chinese Gender Predictor 2017 – Image source:

The Internet represents the source from where I discovered these values. To put it more accurately, most of the sites which characterize this ancient method claim that its success rate ranges from 70% to 90% or so. A clinic from Taiwan seems to have reported an accuracy for the Chinese gender predictor of over ninety percent, which is really good, don’t you think? To be honest, let’s admit that only those who work in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities, where babies are born, know and can tell whether this legendary strategy of gender selection and prediction really works.

About the tests that have been done

And, do you know why? Well, for the simple reason that they have access to databases which contain all the information one needs to check the reliability of this method:

  • the dates when the persons are born;
  • the gender of each person;
  • the dates when the mothers are born.

Obviously, after reading the three items above, you could say: Hey, wait, the birthdates are not what we need to test this method! Yes, that is true, but, knowing when they were born and if they were born at term, we could quickly deduce the dates when they were conceived, don’t you think? Is it such a big deal to subtract nine months – the normal duration of any human pregnancy?

Another thing you might object after going through the list above refers to the mothers’ birthdates: the Chinese birth chart contains the mother’s lunar age at conception. But, think a little, knowing when the baby was conceived and when the mother was born, couldn’t you easily compute her lunar age at conception? Of course you could, if you know the rules that govern the Chinese lunar calendar and a little mathematics. Don’t worry, it’s not so difficult. Read More →

Mother of the bride preparing her toast

Helpful suggestions that would help each and every bride’s mother in their wedding party speech are presented and outlined properly in this post. You may still choose to do your own way though, but simply imagine precisely how confident you’d be to speak before the guests by adhering to the great suggestions for your mother of the bride speech. You should learn an important part of these suggestions: they may be utilized by any person who has to give an oration at a special event. These suggestions will help the speaker figure out how to prepare a speech correctly.

Prior to making your very own speech, coming up with a certain theme must be the initial thing that you need to carry out. There are many of theme examples you can find around particularly on the web that is relevant to the bride’s mother wedding speech. It is extremely simple to include ideas or stories in your speech in an organized approach after you already have a particular theme.

Second, the tone of your speech is also necessary. The informal and engaging sort of speech is the recommended tone for wedding orations. But, if you are a distant and austere woman, your speech needs to be a lot more formal. The choice of this tone (of the wedding toast of the bride’s mother) must consider the occupations of the listeners, their average age and also the way in which you desire them to understand your oration’s overall message. You can incorporate proper content into your speech so that the tone will be engaging. In addition, you must ensure that your tone of voice, your language, your clothes as well as the gestures that you use while giving your toast are in conjuction with the chosen tone of speech. Read More →

Methods that Tell You When to Conceive a Girl

One of the most important questions that appear in the minds of those who would like to have a child that has a certain gender, sounds something like that: “Which is the most appropriate period or even moment for conceiving a girl or a boy?” Due to this question, such persons might look superstitious to the others. But a couple of scientists have discovered, unfortunately only empirically, that there are some moments when a woman has the greatest chances to get pregnant with a baby of the gender she wants. The sex selection methods that tell a couple when to have the sexual intercourse are called timing methods, and the best known such technique is the Shettles one.

Aside from the Shettles Method, there is another famous strategy of gender predetermination that tells to the future parents when the sexual intercourse should occur in order to have a baby of the yearned-for sex. This strategy is called Chinese Calendar Method and it is ancient, astrological and suitable only for entertainment, because its main idea is proven to be false by the simple existence of the twins of different sexes. Moreover, this technique is neither scientifically, nor empirically proven, because, as far as I know, there are no public statistics that would support this strategy.

Since I decided to talk in this short article about the methods that reveal when to conceive a girl, I will describe, in short, each of the previously mentioned techniques: Shettles and Chinese Calendar. But, before doing so, let me tell you a few words about both of them. First and foremost, they are natural strategies of gender selection, in the sense that, according to them, the future baby is conceived in the natural manner, unlike the scientific methods of sex predetermination, in which the future mother gets pregnant in a specialized clinic and the embryos are created in a laboratory.

So, the natural techniques of sex selection have the great advantage that the couple conceives the baby at home. Another important benefit of these natural strategies is that they are not expensive at all; they are almost free, all you have to do is to buy the book of Dr. Shettles which presents his method in detail, or you should consider the cost of using the Internet, a computer and a web browser to find out more information about these natural methods. Anyway, this expense is insignificant in comparison with the huge prices of the scientific methods of sex selection.

Unfortunately, the natural strategies have an important drawback: they are not scientifically proven – some of them are only empirically, and their claimed success rates vary between 70% and 80%, unlike the most reliable scientific method, PGD with IVF, which has a success ratio of 100%. So, having success rates under 100%, the natural ways to conceive a girl are useful only to increase the likelihood of having a baby with the longed-for gender, but they can’t guarantee this gender.

Dr. Shettles’ strategy recommends the scheduling of the sexual intercourse based on the ovulation time. For a daughter, the future parents ought to make love about three days before ovulation. Moreover, Shettles Method also suggests that the woman shouldn’t have orgasm and the deep penetration must be avoided, if a female offspring is wanted.

The Chinese Calendar strategy states that you should use a reliable Gregorian-translated table corresponding to the Chinese Conception Chart, search in that table the row that includes the birth date of the future mother and identify in the selected row the cells which are marked as “girl”; the columns corresponding to the selected cells present the periods in which the woman is more likely to get pregnant with a girl.

This is the speech template I used for my son’s wedding

Today I’ll share with you the wedding speech template that I used for my son’s wedding. I’m not sure how important is this to my blog’s readers, but since it’s a personal blog, I can write whatever I want, right? In the end, that’s what makes it personal, not just posting the typical news articles.

I know there are probably much better examples of father of the groom speeches out there (like for example on this site), and I saw some pretty good websites built exclusively to share tips on this topic, so don’t expect this to be a professional speech template, it’s just the one I used and I gotta say I am pretty happy with the way my speech went. So, here it is.

You probably know that a typical speech (not just wedding speeches, but any kind of speech) has 3 parts: intro, body and ending. I kept the intro pretty simple. As usual, I started with an opening greeting (“Hi, everyone! Welcome to the biggest event of the year”), thanked everybody for coming to this big event (it was pretty important for me also, but honestly, for my son was 10 times more important, hehe) and then I made a little joke about the wedding location (well, I could afford that since I knew a pretty big part of the people that attended the wedding, and I could make some jokes and use a friendly and familiar tone in my speech). Read More →

How to Conceive a Boy Using Natural Methods

These days, “how to conceive a boy” is the thing that countless ladies are worried about. This is shown by the reality that there are a number of gender controversies before regarding diseases that’s due to a certain gender. To be more particular, congenital sex-related health conditions could be possibly inherited by a child of the certain gender. And this is among the reasons why parents should alter their future child’s gender just before pregnancy takes place. Other specific reasons behind this are related to social, personal, and cultural choices.

If you are trying to conceive a boy, then you’re in luck since there are two approaches that you can use to make it possible (read more in this article). One can have this done through the synthetic and natural techniques. If the natural technique is exactly what you favor, then better ready yourself in advance just before you get pregnant. Thus is because of the fact that the techniques used for natural gender selection includes preconception method. This method primarily suggests that you have selected the gender you desire for your upcoming child before you get pregnant. And given that natural procedure is totally free and doesn’t have any complicated devices, it is considered to be a more practical choice than the other one. With these tips to conceive a boy, you can be assured of 80% rate of success in this form of undertaking.

Some of the natural approaches that you can use to pick the gender of your child are the Chinese Gender Calendar, The Shettles Method and the Diet Method. When you and your partner are picking the Shettles Method, then you should be making love during or a few days before your ovulation period if you’d like to have a male child. Moreover, as exactly what Dr. Shettles stated that the sex positions to conceive a boy are those that could deeply penetrate into the woman’s vagina. Females should also have sexual peak so as to conceive a male baby. The Chinese Pregnancy Calendar conversely, will allow you to conceive a baby boy by using the classic Chinese Birth Calendar to determine the woman’s age as well as the month of conceiving. Read More →

Become A Family Nurse Practitioner – How Long Do I Have To Attend College

Becoming an advanced health care practitioner takes time and additional education.

From beginning to end earning a Master’s degree in Nursing will take about 5 to 6 years, depending on the program and the number of credit hours taken each semester.There are several routes an individual can take to become an advanced nursing professional who can assess and treat patients. To gain some general experience in the Nursing field an individual can complete a certificate or Associate degree program. This will allow for full time work and the opportunity to explore various specialties before continuing one’s education.

Earning a certificate or Associate degree takes as little as 18 months and can be completed before moving on to a Bachelor degree program. If one chooses to go this route earning a Bachelor degree may be possible by taking additional courses at night or on the weekends.

If a Bachelor degree in Nursing is what one chooses to start out with it will take roughly 4 or more years to complete. All Registered Nursing programs require a student to complete clinical rotations in various medical specialties. Read More →

Here are some tips that helped me prepare my wedding toast

Since you are looking over this guide it most likely implies that your dear son is going to marry his special woman and you have a responsibility to deliver a wedding speech. Are you worried as you didn’t begin it yet? Relax, this guide shows you the most essential characteristics that every mother of the groom speech needs to have to be a very good oration.  What’s more, browsing the text below, you will find the most effective guidelines that refer to both the planning and presentation of the speech.

Mother of the groom speeches could add beauty in each and every wedding. That is why, it is vital that you make your speech genuine and also heartwarming. Aside from that though, you also must make sure that you don’t make your speech very long. This means you ought to give your message within 5 minutes or less. You should ensure that you deliver it in a happy tone simultaneously. Together with this, there’s no hesitation that everyone in the venue will certainly remember the words you’ve shared. Bear in mind that a sincere mother of the groom wedding speech can make a really good and long lasting impression.

In making a speech, remember that there are three primary components that a speech should possess.  Let’s begin first with the introduction. You can begin with a very good quote that is appropriate for the occasion. You could make your speech light hearted by adding some humor on it. You may also follow it up with a good and funny joke. As such, you will keep your crowd fascinated as you deliver your mother of groom speech. Then, what you should do next is welcome your wedding guest to your son’s wedding ceremony and the family members of the new bride. This is optional for you to do so. For the body of the speech, you can include some strategies in having a happy and long lasting marriage. The suggestions could be based on your personal experience. You can also get some uplifting tales from the web or books. There you can see great varieties of mother of the groom wedding speech samples. As for the very last component of your speech; it’s better to end it by giving your blessings to the new couple, and suggest a toast for them.

To help keep your audience interested in your speech, adding humor is the answer. But, you should be watchful about what you will utter to prevent offending anyone. What’s more that you must note of is that the mother of the groom wedding speech should be carefully structured. You could make this occur by making sure that you will not going to say again what the other previous speakers have presented. On the other hand, ensure that your speech is much clearer and relatable so as to present it efficiently.

As said in the start of this guide, I will tell you the excellent points regarding your speech planning and presentation. Planning ahead and preparing very early are the secrets to deliver a pretty good mother of the groom wedding speech, try repeating it several times before the wedding ceremony to help relax your nerves down. When it comes to presenting the speech, interaction with the audience is the most significant component of a great wedding speech. You must involve the audience in your speech by addressing directly to it, asking questions (like “don’t you think?”) and speaking as if you were chatting with a very good friend.