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Become A Family Nurse Practitioner – How Long Do I Have To Attend College

Becoming an advanced health care practitioner takes time and additional education.

From beginning to end earning a Master’s degree in Nursing will take about 5 to 6 years, depending on the program and the number of credit hours taken each semester.There are several routes an individual can take to become an advanced nursing professional who can assess and treat patients. To gain some general experience in the Nursing field an individual can complete a certificate or Associate degree program. This will allow for full time work and the opportunity to explore various specialties before continuing one’s education.

Earning a certificate or Associate degree takes as little as 18 months and can be completed before moving on to a Bachelor degree program. If one chooses to go this route earning a Bachelor degree may be possible by taking additional courses at night or on the weekends.

If a Bachelor degree in Nursing is what one chooses to start out with it will take roughly 4 or more years to complete. All Registered Nursing programs require a student to complete clinical rotations in various medical specialties. Read More →