This is the speech template I used for my son’s wedding

Today I’ll share with you the wedding speech template that I used for my son’s wedding. I’m not sure how important is this to my blog’s readers, but since it’s a personal blog, I can write whatever I want, right? In the end, that’s what makes it personal, not just posting the typical news articles.

I know there are probably much better examples of father of the groom speeches out there (like for example on this site), and I saw some pretty good websites built exclusively to share tips on this topic, so don’t expect this to be a professional speech template, it’s just the one I used and I gotta say I am pretty happy with the way my speech went. So, here it is.

You probably know that a typical speech (not just wedding speeches, but any kind of speech) has 3 parts: intro, body and ending. I kept the intro pretty simple. As usual, I started with an opening greeting (“Hi, everyone! Welcome to the biggest event of the year”), thanked everybody for coming to this big event (it was pretty important for me also, but honestly, for my son was 10 times more important, hehe) and then I made a little joke about the wedding location (well, I could afford that since I knew a pretty big part of the people that attended the wedding, and I could make some jokes and use a friendly and familiar tone in my speech).

Then, in the body of the speech, I welcomed the bride and her parents into our family. I also thanked the bride’s parents for all the effort they put into the preparation of the wedding, everything went perfect and honestly, they handled probably 90% of all the tasks, my wife and I almost didn’t contribute at all; well, it was their decision, they wanted to get as involved as possible and for us it was perfect, since we didn’t have any experience in wedding preparation and we probably would have messed things up a bit).

Next, I congratulated my son for his good taste in women and complimented the bride a little (you have to do that in your speech, honestly, don’t overdo it, but it’s mandatory to say some nice things about the bride, how lovely she looks, what a wonderful dress she’s wearing, etc).

Then, the funny part of the speech followed. As I said earlier, I was getting along pretty well with most of the wedding guests, I personally knew about 70% of them, so it was easy for me to fill my speech with some funny stories about my son, with some nice memories and other experiences we shared together. One quick thing here, though, you should choose your “funny stories” carefully, because you don’t want them to embarrass the groom or the bride; they should be funny, but you should never share any embarrassing story about your son or his wife. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but trust me, after a few glasses of wine, you’ll be surprised how “not-so-funny” some speeches could get. I once attended a wedding where the best man literally got totally drunk and his speech was so embarrassing, that in the middle of it, they had to cut off his microphone and take him off the stage. I know, we all like to drink a bit, but don’t drink too much, or you’ll end up giving a messed-up speech.

I ended up my father of the groom speech by giving the newlyweds some tips about how to have a happy and ever-lasting lovely marriage (I have to admit, I searched online for some marriage advice, because I didn’t really have much to share, my wife and I didn’t get along that well, rofl). I blessed the happy couple, I raised the glass to toast for their new journey they embarked upon and, of course, ended my speech with another joke.

That’s pretty much how my speech went, it’s a basic template which I found online, if you need an exact template, just google it and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of sites offering such templates.

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